HOLD functions as the Mainland government's super police force of the Lost Ground.


HOLY is a subgroup of HOLD composed of skilled Alter Users. They serve as the 'special operations' group, aiding HOLD in performing dangerous missions that might require the help of an Alter user.


Martin Zigmarl


Scheris Adjani

Straight Cougar

Asuka Tachibana



Sou Kigetsuki


George Tatsunami

Emergy Maxwell

Taiki Aono

Mary Jane


The DarsEdit

  • HOLY Dars
  • Alternate Dars-1
  • Alternate Dars-2
  • Alternate Dars-3
  • Alternate Dars-4

Nameless, faceless, hive-minded servants of HOLY, these masked soldiers, apart from looking identical, all possess an identical Alter power. At first, this power is the use of large, powerful, disembodied hands, often used to restrain other Alters. However, later Dars show variations of this power in the form of large ships and planes.

In reality, the Dars are actually Native Alters who have been captured and reprogrammed by The Mainland, because they were either weak Alters, or opposed HOLY. No matter what their abilities were before, they were refined and changed completely. None of them possess any sense of individuality.

  • Basic Dars Alter
  • Alternate Dars Alter
  • Alternate Dars Alter
  • Alternate Dars Alter
  • Alternate Dars Alter